Our facility offers 2 wheel drive (front and rear) and AWD dyno tuning on our Mustang AWD-MD-1100 dynamometer on all types of vehicles. The state of the art dyno offers steady state tuning with an eddy current unit for load bearing.

DynoSource Performance performs custom calibration/tuning for PCM's and TCM's on modern import and domestics with capabilities that include but are not limited to flash calibration, piggy backs and standalone engine management. We can also dial in aftermarket carburetors upon request. Our dyno and calibrators can support your horsepower goals.

Some of the many other services we offer include:

  • Engine Builds
  • Certified In-House Tuners
  • Custom Wiring Harnesses
  • Stand Alone - Engine Control Units (ECU/PCM)
  • Super Chargers
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Nitrous/Methanol Injection
  • Performance parts to enhance your race car