Tuning Capabilities


Software and hardware that DynoSource supports… if you don’t see your type of hardware or software please contact us, the list is ever changing and expanding!

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6 thoughts on “Tuning Capabilities

  1. Hello,
    I have a 2018 Acura TLX A-Spec and came across your company online and was wondering if you had the ability to flash tune a car like mine? Looking for increased power as well as hopefully removing the 127mph governor my car seems to have. Please let me know what you guys can do and if you can’t…can you please recommend me someone who can? I’m in the auto industry on the warranty side so not worried about voiding anything. Looking forward to hearing back from you. 
    Daniel Koste
    F&I Product Specialist
    Diamond Warranty Corp

    • Hello Daniel,

      I apologize that I haven’t seen this until now.. don’t know if you’ve had the chance to call in and talk with someone, if not please call Harold at 847-769-1915 if you would like to discuss.. I will also forward this along to him. Thank you!

    • Hello Ryan,

      Thanks for reaching out to us.. sorry for the delay in response.. please reach out to Harold at 847-769-1915 for information but we should definitely be able to tune your car for you!

  2. I drive a 2005 Ranger 2.3 DOHC, and I’ve been looking for three main things. I’d like at least a flash tune, but there’s also the matter of the 95mph speed cutoff… And I was scrolling through Instagram, do you do cams? If that’s something that’s possible I’d also love to look into that for my truck too. Thanks.

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