About Us

Located in the greater Chicago/Milwaukee area – DynoSource Performance is your premier auto and cycle tuning facility.

Our facility offers 2 wheel drive (front and rear) and AWD dyno tuning on our Mustang AWD-MD-1100 dynamometer on everything from motorcycles and automobiles to gas and diesel pickup trucks. The state of the art dyno offers steady state tuning with an eddy current unit and it’s also equipped with an inertia wheel for motorcycle use.

awd dynoDynoSource Performance offers tuning on modern to classics, import to domestics with tuning capabilities that include but are not limited to flash tunes, piggy backs and/or stand alones. Our dyno can support 3,500 hp testing and tuning. In addition to tuning, we offer:

  • Certified In-House Tuners
  • Custom Wiring Harnesses
  • Stand Alone Engine Control Units (ECU)
  • Liquid Propane Systems (LP)
  • Oxyhydrogen Systems (HHO)
  • Super Chargers
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Nitrous/Methanol Injection
  • Dual Bank Wideband
  • Other performance parts to enhance your vehicle